s very close to the well and crews would be attaching it later Monday. The work may continue throughout the day, he added. BP removed the old cap on Saturday to make way for the in.

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called by the Cuban authorities as a vigorous response to the media campaign against Cuba promoted by the United States and the European Union to discredit the country, local repo.

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but in the end, after a few years of implementing the regulations, they came around and said definitely there wasn't any (impact). Some of them came even forward and said, 'Oh, o.

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imposed in 1962 by then U.S. President John F. Kennedy, according to Cuban Foreign Ministry. "The blockade has affected us in every way here... transport, food, spare parts. How t.

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ember countries were scheduled to discuss the candidates for new managing director of the IMF and intended to come up with a single position on the replacement for Dominique Stra.

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d that the suspect is David Conley, 49, who has a history of domestic violence that dates back to at least 2000. He also has prior convictions for aggravated robbery, evading arr .

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inister Rafik Hariri. Washington blamed it on Syria while Damascus denied the accusation. The Obama administration, since it took office in January, 2009, has been pushing Syria t.

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daughters and brother Adan, as well as his vice president and several legislators as he arrived at the NEC's offices. Confetti rained on the presidential hopeful, who is running f.

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r, showing bin Laden had remained focused on attacking the United States until his last days. The papers, published on the Combating Terrorism Center at the West Point website, sh.

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